Center for Crisis Psychology is situated in Bergen, Norway. The centre was founded in 1988 and has from the start focused on dealing with critical situations and their impact on child and adult victims, as well as on personnel that have to deal with such situations. The centre has four main areas of activities:

  • Clinical work with crisis and disaster situations both locally and internationally.
  • Educational activities, i.e. lecturing to health professionals, aid workers and to non-professionals, both nationally and internationally.
  • Conducting research on various aspects of stress, trauma, and bereavement. 
  • Emergency Preparedness Agreements to companies and organisations.

As a resource centre we have been commissioned by UN organisations and Non-Governmental Organisations in planning help and rehabilitation of war and disaster traumatised children internationally. Our staff has been engaged in work for children living in conflict- and war areas in former Yugoslavia, Iraq, Sudan, Somalia, Angola, Rwanda, Russia, China, Liberia, Bangladesh and other countries.

For more than 20 years our staff has been involved in research on cumulative stress and burnout in addition to developing routines for staff stress relief, and trauma management. We have conducted training and workshops for a variety of national and international organisations, including UN agencies, such as UNICEF and UNHCR. This training has been conducted in Africa, The Middle East, The Far East and in Europe.

We started our work for children in war situations in Uganda back in 1984. Since then, we have conducted research and implemented a variety of assistance programs to help children in different war areas. Based on these experiences, we have produced a series of  books, book chapters, and many scientific papers. This has provided other professionals working in the field, with valuable knowledge on which to base their interventions. We have also published a series of articles on the helper's situation when dealing with stress, trauma and grief.

Our mission has been, as professionals in child psychology, stress, and crisis management, to teach target groups of professionals and managers in different countries how best to help war traumatised children, and to plan a more systematic way of caring for the well being of the often overloaded helpers.  

From 2009, thanks to the Danish Egmont Foundation, we have established a bereavement centre. The centre is focusing on research on grief in children and their families, raise people's awareness of the consequence of grief, as well as clinical support to the same group.   

Presently, the centre staff consist of 20 professionals, mostly clinical psychologists, but also clinicians and researchers with other backgrounds (i.e. social anthropologist, sociologists and psychiatrist). The centre is unique both in Norway and Scandinavia in its combination of clinical experience, teaching ability and research activities.