Question: Who are args parents?

Is Arg a Gemma?

The pair have enjoyed spending time together and getting reacquainted during date nights in London and Essex. Gemma suffered a lot of stress and trauma during her relationship with Arg, which has been on and off for years – but shes finally putting herself first and moving forward with her life.

What is args real name?

James Argent is a reality TV star, born on December 5, 1987 - his nickname is Arg.

How did Gemma Collins make her money?

The 40-year-old has accumulated her earnings from a number of TV roles, with her main being her 6-year stint on TOWIE, from 2011-2017. Before she was cast on the ITVBe show, Gemma was a used car salesman, so it is safe to say the dramality show gave her a life changing big break.

What nationality is James Argent?

British James Argent/Nationality

Whats happened to Arg?

James Arg Argent has taken to Instagram to celebrate what he says is the start of his weightloss journey. The star of The Only Way Is Essex shared a snap of himself in a medical bed, revealing that he had undergone gastric sleeve surgery. In the post, he heralded it as the first day of the rest of my life.

What age is James Argent?

33 years (December 5, 1987) James Argent/Age

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