Question: Who is Anna Williamson on Celebs Go Dating?

Anna Williamson (born 23 July 1981) is an English television presenter. She is known as the former co-presenter of childrens programmes Rescue Robots Toonattik and Action Stations! on CITV. In 2019, Williamson began appearing as a dating agent on the E4 reality dating series Celebs Go Dating.

What age is Anna Williamson?

40 years (July 23, 1981) Anna Williamson/Age

Is Anna Williamson a dating expert?

Anna is also a successful author, having written two books; Breaking Mad and Breaking Mum and Dad. Additionally, she hosts a podcast alongside Apprentice star Luisa Zissman called LuAnna. However, aside from her TV credentials, Anna is a qualified counsellor, which makes her a great choice as a dating expert.

Who is the commentator on Celebs Go Dating 2021?

Rob Beckett Rob Beckett narrates the series. Following the conclusion of the eighth series, two special editions of Celebs Go Dating were commissioned due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on television; Celebs Go Virtual Dating and Celebs Go Dating: The Mansion.

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