Question: What do tourists like in Baguio?

What makes Baguio a tourist destination?

Baguio has always been one of the top destinations in the Philippines. Because of its chilly temperature, pine-dominated landscapes, and overall romantic atmosphere, this mountain city has attracted tourists especially in summer and the holidays like Christmas and New Year.

What makes Baguio beautiful?

With beautiful mountain scenery and pine trees, the view might look like something out of a dream, with wisps of fog, and colorful flowers and strawberries, Baguio is a perfect romantic destination. Feast your eyes on the bright flowers of Baguio Botanical Garden and the citys other parks and gardens.

How can a tourist enter Baguio City?

Step 1: Create a Baguio VISITA Account. Step 2: Get Tested for COVID-19. Step 3: Book your Accommodation. Step 4: Arrange your Tour Itinerary. Step 5: Schedule your Visit and Submit the Required Documents. Step 6: Save your QR Code Tourist Pass (QTP) Step 7: Arriving in Baguio City.6 Jul 2021

What makes you stay or choose Baguio City?

It is here where you can enjoy the sun with the chilly breeze keeping you refreshed. No wonder millions of visitors travel to Baguio City, the norths business and commercial center, throughout the summer season. Savor the cool weather, rich culture and breathtaking landscapes in the City of Pines.

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