Question: How do I advertise on OLX in South Africa?

Is advertising on OLX free?

You can post a limited number of free ads on OLX in 60 days. In the Real Estate category (excluding you are allowed to post 4 ads for free. In the case that you want to post more ads, you would have to pay for additional Listings. An ad in pending state will count towards the available free ads in the category.

How do I sell something on OLX?

The OLX selling and shipping processCreate your account. Go to OLX website and choose your country. Create the ad. Click on “Sell your item now”, choose a product or service category and write the ad. Complete and check the ad. Find the right shipping service.

How do I register as a seller on OLX?

How to create an account on OLX?For Facebook, users will have to provide a valid FB login and password.For Email, you will receive a confirmation email to activate your account.For Phone*, Users will need to have an active and valid Mobile Number. For Google+, User will have to provide a valid G+ login and password.

Why cant I post ad on OLX?

Your Ad could be rejected if the title, description or image of your Ad matches with another Ad posted in the same city. Note: If you post a similar Ad that you have posted within the previous 30 days, the Ad would still get rejected. Make sure that the images are real, clear and of good resolution.

How can I post free on OLX?

0:001:12How To Post a Free Ad on OLX - YouTubeYouTube

How can I verify my Olx account?

How can I start my KYC?Please open the OLX India app.Login to your account.Tap on My Ads icon on the bottom navigation bar and then select any of your ads.You will see a You are not verified nudge just below the image.Tap on Verify now(highlighted in black) button to start the process.More items

Why is OLX chat not working?

Clear web Cookies: Cookies are magic, but not in a phone application 😊for reasons that go beyond being logged into your OLX profile, its usually because you need to clear your cookies on the Web. No chats received: If you are a seller, it might be possible you have not been contacted by a prospective buyer yet.

How can I verify my phone number in OLX?

Ensure that the number you wish to update is not already linked to some OLX account. Note: An OTP will be sent for verification. Please insert the same which will be sent on the phone number you wish to update. Next, under “Contact Information” you can modify your “Phone Number”.

What is verified user in OLX?

A verified user is a user whose documents has been verified by OLX. 2. OLX has verified these details.

How do I know if my OLX message was read?

The new OLX has an even better chat because you can see when a person is online - it will say online underneath the persons name in chat. And you can see when someone has read your chat thanks to the purple ticks just below your next message.

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