Question: What is a false twin flame relationship?

A false twin will often use excuses such as timing or a need to be free and unattached as an excuse to avoid committing to you. The false twin flame relationship may have many of the characteristics of a true twin flame, such as passion, intensity, and a deep emotional bond.

Can a false twin flame love you?

A true twin will love you and accept you as you are. Therell be no need to pretend or act a different way to impress them. A false flame will often find faults in your personality, and wont ever be 100% satisfied with who you are.

Can you have a false twin flame?

False twin flames are, of course, very similar to you, and you will probably be drawn to each other because you are so much alike. However, when you start to see success, a false twin will make you feel guilty for it, or think they are “losing” something.

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