Question: How old is Minnie Dlamini-Jones?

What does Minnies husband do for a living?

As of date, he is a cameraman and producer at the Urban Brew studios. The Urban Brew studios is responsible for producing big shows like; Friends like Those, Zabalaza, Real Goboza, YO TV, and Khumbulekhaya.

Who is Minenhle Dlamini husband?

Quinton Jonesm. 2017 Minnie Dlamini/Husband

How old is Minenhle?

31 years (July 7, 1990) Minnie Dlamini/Age

Is Quinton Jones still alive?

Deceased (1979–2021) Execution of Quintin Jones/Living or Deceased

Who married Minnie Dlamini?

Quinton Jonesm. 2017 Minnie Dlamini/Spouse

How many kids does Minnie have?

Almost nine months and three baby showers later, TV personality Minnie Dlamini-Jones has finally welcomed her bundle of joy into the world. The 30-year-old took to her social media accounts to share an adorable picture of her new born, which she shares with her husband Quinton Jones.

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