Question: How do you put up a Roman blind on the outside of the window?

Can you put Roman blinds on outside of window?

Roman blinds can easily be fitted either inside or outside of the recess.

How do you install a Roman blind outside recess?

Place the blinds outside of the recess in case you want to prevent light from entering into the room (i.e., in a dark room or a night nursery). Check that the window frame can actually bear the weight of the Roman shades. Place the blinds inside the recess in case of a deep window frame or windowsill.

Can you put blinds on the outside of the window?

Outside mounting can be used on all window types, regardless of how deep or shallow they are. Outside mount blinds can give the illusion of bigger windows, and they also give you the option to mount the blinds higher than the window, so they dont cover any of the glass when they are open.

How do you attach a Roman blind to a window?

0:081:00How to Fit Roman Blinds - CurtainsCurtainsCurtains - YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipHandle. So now the brackets are fitted just make sure that the levers are all in the open position.MoreHandle. So now the brackets are fitted just make sure that the levers are all in the open position. Before you offer the blind up.

Should blinds be inside the window frame or outside?

If youre installing blackout window treatments to block unwanted light, then you should use outside mount blinds. Mounting blinds outside the window frame will give you more light coverage than blinds that hang from the inside.

Do you install blinds on trim?

You can mount your blinds to the trim as long as it is flat and meets the minimum requirements for an outside mount. Mounting on the trim of the window is the easiest route because all you need to collect is the size of the trim dimensions.

Where should you hang blinds?

You can either mount your blinds inside or outside of the casing. Hanging the blinds outside means your window look bigger but when you hang your blinds inside, your window looks slimmer. When you need to mount your blinds outside, measure along the outside edges of the casing that surrounds the window.

How much space do you need for inside mount blinds?

2 3/8 Inside-Mounted Vertical Blinds Window should have a minimum recessed space of 2 3/8 for inside mount. Measure the width of the window from the top of the opening to the sill in 3 places. Use the smallest dimension for the blind width.

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