Question: Is it possible to date a Ukrainian girl?

Who pays for a Ukrainian wedding?

groom It is said that once the groom realizes that it is not his bride, he is asked to pay for the bride who is much more valuable. It is also said that if the brides parents meet the groom at the door with a pumpkin, it means that his offer of marriage was not accepted by either the bride or by her family.

What is a Ukrainian Rushnyk?

A rushnyk is a ritual towel. The word comes from ruka, meaning hand, and a regular rushnyk would be simply a towel, a piece of cloth that a person could use to wipe his or her hands.

How long is a Ukrainian wedding ceremony?

Today, many brides choose to incorporate a variety of customs, as well as delicious traditional foods into their celebration. In Ukraine, a wedding was a three-day celebration. Having a wedding at Soyuzivka treats your guests to an entire weekend of festivities.

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