Question: How do you greet someone in a wheelchair?

Instead, a smile and a nod is a fine alternative. Many high-level quadriplegics prefer this type of greeting as their standard greeting when meeting new people. Note: Do not touch their shoulder unless you know them.

What do you say to someone in a wheelchair?

5 Things Its Okay to Say (to a Person who uses a Wheelchair)Its okay to say, “Can I [or may I] help you?” Its okay to say words like walk, run, stand, and so on: Its okay to say, “My child has a question for you.”: Its okay to say, “Excuse Me”: Its okay to say, “Hi.”:Dec 7, 2013

How do you greet a disabled person?

Use a normal tone of voice when welcoming a person with disability. Do not raise your voice unless you are asked to. Shake hands even if the person has limited hand use or wears an artificial limb. A left-hand shake is acceptable.

Is being in a wheelchair a disability?

Many different kinds of disabilities require the use of wheelchairs for mobility. These are referred to as mobility impairments. Disabilities may be orthopedic (relating to the bone and muscles) or they may be neuromuscular (relating to the nerves and muscles).

What should you not do in a wheelchair?

10 Things NOT To Do To Someone In A WheelchairBend down to talk to me. Talk to the person Im with instead of me. Jump out of my way as if I have no control over where Im going or whether Im about to drive into you or not. Give me dirty looks when I pull into disabled spaces. Point me out to your children.More items •Apr 9, 2015

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