Question: Who is the founder of the dating app Hinge?

Justin McLeod, co-founder and CEO of Hinge originally created the dating app to solve my own problem. I originally started [Hinge] for me, McLeod, 37, tells CNBC Make It. In 2011, McLeod was attending Harvard Business School.

Who owns the dating app Hinge?

Match Group On June 20, 2018, Match Group acquired 51% ownership of Hinge, with the right to acquire all remaining shares within a year, which it exercised. Match Group owned 100% of Hinge by the first quarter of 2019.

Who is Justin McLeod?

Justin McLeod is the founder and CEO of the growing dating app Hinge. His vision has made Hinge unique in a world full of dating apps. He has created a dynamic mobile app that is easy and appealing to use to meet a potential partner. Justin McLeod is one of the most innovative technology experts of his generation.

Who owns Hinge and tinder?

Match Group Inc Match Group Inc has agreed to buy Softbank Group-backed South Korean social media firm Hyperconnect for $1.73 billion, as the owner of Tinder and Hinge looks beyond romantic connections to help users make friends across geographies.

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