Question: How do I find my documents on Messenger?

How do I find my uploaded files on Messenger?

WebHead to and open the Messages area from the left-hand menu.Click an individual message where youve shared photos.At the top of the message, click the Actions button and choose View Photos in Thread.Jun 30, 2015

Why cant I see my attachments on Messenger?

Attachment Unavailable. This attachment may have been removed or the person who shared it may not have permission to share it with you. The reason for “Attachment Unavailable” Facebook error is relatively simple: when you share an image, its privacy settings might be altered.

How do I find PDF files on Messenger?

You will see the media button below the chat, press it. This will open the Android menu with an option to attach or send the files. Choose your PDF or Docx file and send the message.

How do you see all attachments on messenger?

How do you see all attachments on messenger?Open the Messages app.Tap on the conversation with the desired contact. Scroll down and youll find the attachments in reverse chronological order (last received at the top) On iOS 8 & 9, all files (documents, pictures, movies) are lumped together.Jun 2, 2021

What does attachment unavailable in messenger mean?

Uploader or Facebook removed the photo or post That particular post that has been shared on any messenger group will then show up as Facebook Attachment Unavailable error. Youll also like: Facebook Has Stopped Working Error on Android 2018 Fix.

How do you send documents on Messenger?

Tap the + button at the bottom left and choose the File option. Then tap the menu from the top left and select your device. Select the file from a particular folder on your internal storage. Hit Open and then tap the Send option to send the file.

How can I send files in Messenger 2020?

Once you are in, find the chat with whom you want to send the PDF files or any other files. You will see the media button below the chat, press it. This will open the Android menu with an option to attach or send the files.

What is Messenger desktop?

Facebook just launched a new desktop Messenger app for Windows and MacOS, allowing you to chat or video call your friends without opening your browser. The app allows you to mute or snooze notifications and will sync chats across devices. Like the browser version of Facebook, the desktop Messenger app is totally free.

Where did all my Imessage photos go?

If your iPhone is running iOS 13, all of the images that youve ever sent each other in the conversation will appear under the PHOTOS section. You can scroll through all images by tapping See All Photos.

Can you send attachments on Messenger?

Sending Attachments. The Messenger Platform allows you to attach assets to messages, including audio, video, images, and files. The maximum attachment size is 25 MB.

Can you send a PDF via messenger?

However, unlike WhatsApp, Messenger lacks a basic yet handy feature which is the ability to send files or documents. Due to this limitation, its not possible to send attachments such as a PDF, Docx, MP3 or a Zip file using the Messenger app.

What is the maximum file size for Messenger?

25MB Facebook Messenger, like most other platforms, has limits on the size of files you can attach to your message. You can upload a file up to 25MB in size, which is the same size limit as Google has for Gmail. For sharing large files (more than 25MB in size), you can use cloud storage services.

Where did all my Imessages go?

Typically when your messages disappear it means your storage is full. Check Settings > General > iPhone Storage and never allow the free space to fall below 10% of the iPhones total storage space. You may recover messages that were present when the last iPhone backup occurred by restoring that backup.

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