Question: What is the net worth of The Veronicas?

How much do The Veronicas earn?

The Veronicas Lisa and Jess Origliasso are rumoured to have made a combined $60,000, while Anthony Callea, Ross Noble and Shaynna Blaze are believed to have made $30,000 each. The insider also added that the cast “didnt make as much coin as you would think”.

How old are the Veronica?

The 34-year-old twin sisters, Jessica and Lisa Origliasso, opened up about Jess messy breakup with actress Ruby Rose, their new relationships and their own brief public feud.

Why did The Veronicas get fired?

The Veronicas Lisa and Jessica Origliasso were fired at the start of Sundays episode of Celebrity Apprentice, after they project led their team on an art challenge. On last Tuesdays episode, the teams were required to create pieces of art and sell their items at auction.

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